Bulletin NO 1400 Bulletin 1400 describes the MH and FH series of modular air handlers and filter housings. These units can be combined to produce an unlimited variety of air cleaners. In addition, these units can be free hung or placed in duct work to remove a variety of particulates and odors. CFM capacities range up to 50,000

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Bulletin NO 1500 Bulletin 1500 describes our FM-20 and FM-30 ceiling flush mount units which are primarily used in offices, restaurants and other commercial applications. CFM ranges up to 1400 CFM per unit.

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Bulletin NO 1600 Bulletin 1600 describes the FM-50 series of self-contained air cleaners. These models contain motor, blower, and filter all in on cabinet. This line enables us to provide an air cleaner for industrial and commercial use at a very competitive price. CFM ranges to 2400 CFM are available.

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Bulletin NO 1700 Bulletin 1700 describes our FM-21 and FM-31 models which are provided with a decorative wood grain finish to blend with any office or residential decor. CFM ranges to 1000 CFM.

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